Looking to buy crypto mining equipment?

Hashexpert Techologies is a one stop shop to buy crypto mining machine equipment (asic miners) from China online!

Integrated supplier

We are working on Chinese electronics market for more than five years, with a focus on asic miners and crypto mining equipment alone during last few. We have established relationships with not only all major equipment manufacturers but with resale market key players as well, which allows us to deliver hard to find sought for gear even when manufacturer is running out of capacity. We can fulfill any demand!

Own facility

Besides new gear we also offer to buy used crypto mining equipment which comes from verified Chinese mining facilities and passes thorough inspection upon sending to the customer. Buying used gear from China may be a pain but while we handle domestic logistics, health check, package and shipping while all you need to do is to tell us what requirements you have!

Realtime market prices

We are the only company on the market who is maintaining realtime prices for both new and used crypto mining equipment from China on a daily basis. For your convenience we have both easy-to-use table view and legacy product catalog with all our offers. For companies we also offer an automated daily price feed which can be integrated to any website. Your current supplier probably uses our data as well!

Best shipping rates

We offer various shipping options from international express services to cargo airlines at competitive rates. If you already have your established gear supplier in China – let’s start from us shipping for you, we can always become friends later on. Please check Shipping section for more information!

Trusted seller

We are EU-established company with many confirmed orders and hundreds of satisfied customers. Please check out Company and Before you order sections in the bottom of this page to have all the information you need to buy crypto mining equipment (asic miners) online!

Verified feedback

We are verified seller on the largest crypto mining equipment dedicated group on Telegram – @HardwareMarket. Please feel free to browse our rating in its satellite @MPVerify group or ask around in the @MinerSpeak chat for the live feedback from the real people had orders with us!

Still have questions?

Check out Contact us page for Hashexpert Technologies contact info!