Payment and Shipping

Shipping for crypto miners

We use the following shipping options for mining machines:

  • Worldwide express services (DHL, UPS, Fedex etc.)
  • Airfreight
  • Sea freight

When you confirming your order on the website an actual rate for shipping will be calculated depending on the shipping address . Please note shipping cost for single unit is usually higher comparing per unit cost for an order of few units.

Time in transit

For worldwide express services, average delivery time is not exceeding 3-4 days door-to-door to most destinations.

For bulk orders over 50 (2 full pallets) mining machines, for shipping we usually suggest to use airfreight with delivery time about 10-12 days door-to-door.

For shipping of used crypto miners and other non-essential gear where time is not critical, the cheapest option is to use sea freight which takes up to 28-35 days door-to-door from China to most of destinations.

Useful information

Please note that with most of above shipping options, cost depends on the volumetric weight of a product which may be higher than the actual product weight which you may see on the manufacturer website.

After your order is shipped and tracking number is issued, your order will change status to ‘Shipped’ and an email with tracking number will be sent to you. Please note that during peak periods your order may be picked up by express service during up to 5 days after tracking number is issued.

Please select correct address for shipping before you submit your order. The address can not be changed after a tracking number was issued for you.

For some countries, crypto mining machine is classified under import codes which may contain an extra tax and/or an additional import duty. No any customs charges and taxes are included in the retail prices you see on the website. Make sure to check your local regulations before you order.


Under any circumstances no one will send you order confirmation via email other than [email protected] or via chats!

We accept the following payment options:

  • USD wire transfer
  • EUR wire transfer
  • Bitcoin (BTC)

You should confirm your order and proceed to the payment on this website only! Please make sure you have a SSL lock icon and a proper url in the address bar.

Payment cut-off time

For wire transfer payments, after submitting the order, an email will be sent from [email protected] with further instructions and bank details. You also will see bank details on the order confirmation page. Please note your order will be on hold until your payment has been credited to our bank account. Please consider using a reasonable payment option for clearing not to exceed 48 hours.

For Bitcoin payments, after submitting the order, you will be forwarded to to pay your invoice using BTCPay. You will have 30 minutes to send a transaction during which a rate will be fixed for your order. The transaction should then have at least 1 confirmation during the next 5 hours, so consider putting a reasonable fee, otherwise your order may be cancelled. If you fail to pay during this time, please reach out to our representatives about issuing a new payment link for you.

After the payment is completed, you order will change its status to ‘On hold’ and will be processed upon we will receive your payment.

Exchange rates

Please note, we calculate the exchange rate based on the BTC/USDT rate from Binance (, so the BTC amount shown on the invoice may differ from what you see in your wallet or on the exchange you use. However, we don’t charge any other fees, positive or negative, to the rate above.

Please read and understand our Order PolicyTerms and Conditions and Warranty and Repair terms before ordering crypto miners and crypto mining equipment with us!